5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India to honour one of India’s most distinguished 20th century scholars of comparative religion and philosophy, i.e Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Today I experienced or rather I would say observed few things which is mix of both both learnings and teachings.

At office

Tech Interview

Today, I took a technical interview of very experienced lady from Ruby community. As, most of the people in IT industry knows it’s hard to find a perfect candidate for a particular role. We need a Golang based back-end engineer but due to shortage of good Go back-end engineer(in India especially), we are forced to look for experts from other domains. Similar things happened to me as well which others might have already experienced when they take interview of some senior person. Mostly, one will fnd that the candidate must be expert in their domain but might not in the ones which we required. Alongwith that, due to less preparation for interview, it might happened that they have focused more on domain knowledge than the fundamentals. On very few questions, I need to give the hint as well answer my own questions :wink: (I do that generally :smile: :smile: , so don’t choose me as interviewer).

Email-posting style to intern

Got a reply from an intern(a girl, yes!, a girl, a rare species now in IT area, hoping that they grow as time grows :innocent:) on my mail which I sent to them yesterday after an hour long Intern-type KT(knowledge transfer). Found that she used top-posting style and thought it was good time to tell her how to reply inline-style. Gave an appropriate reply in inline-style and pointed to this awesome Wikipedia’s Posting style article.

Tribute to MMA teacher

In the evening around 7, I went to my MMA teacher’s academy and paid a small tribute

Tribute to MMA Teacher

(A chocolate! Seriously? :smile: Hoping he will take one and distribtue rest to ladies at home or to girls students :wink:.)

At Stationary shop

Post an hour above, I went to a stationary shop for some items. I saw two kids, a girl & boy. Out of nowhere, I asked to them,

Have you paid tribute to your teachers at your school?

The girl said, “No, today is holiday”. I was like, “Ok, not surprised. Huh! Not a big deal a ‘Teacher Day’ now a days”. Suddenly, I listened a voice

आपने और हमने कहाँ किया था अपने टाइम में | or Did we ever paid tribute during our time?

of a guy who looks similar to a guy in his twenties :blush:.

This startled me. I replied with, "That's why you are here and I am here."

He didn’t understand and I had to replied back with

I now earn 1.5 lakh per month (just kidding ;), don't have enough talent to earn that much) and look at you what you are doing.

He gave a look which every Indian knows :smile: and answered me in his own style which we say “Desi style” in India :smile:.

I earn 50K more than you.

I was like, “Hmm, really?”

I started to think, “What / Why am I doing in IT?”, when a shopkeeper owner’s operator(in IT) is earning 25 percent more than me.

I gave my thoughts a deeper angle and then smiled at him :smile:.

The reason of my smiling was,

Even though you earn 50K more than me at present, but first of all your behavior is not worth of Rs 6666.67 (2 lakh / 30), secondly, for your earning you need to do physical work, every time interact with customer, had to listen to customer sometime, get the inventory etc etc, but we engineer in IT just use fingers and basic computer knowledge which we got in engineering (mine is MCA BTW :) ) and build softwares which you will be going to use now and in future. :stuck_out_tongue: :innocent:

I felt like I gave a :punch: on his arrogance :smile:.

At home

I found one of the best teacher at home :smile: and it’s a story too longer to fit here, so stay tuned for next time :relaxed:.