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Run OpenShift locally in Windows 10

OpenShift Origin is a distribution of Kubernetes offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Red Hat and comes with some cool features on top of Kubernetes. Y...

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Kubernetes May 2017 Report

Kubernetes Pune is a group for all Kubernauts who want to learn and share experiences about Kubernetes. This meetup group is for all skill levels right from begin...

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Gophercon India 2017 Slides

A small effort to aggregate all possible slides of Gophercon India 2017 at one place in chronological order.

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Vagrant issues on upgrading to Fedora 24

Recently, I have upgraded my system from Fedora 23 to Fedora 24 which was released on 21st June, 2016. Even I got the perfect time to upgrade it - Bangalore Fedor...

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Rubyconf India 2016 Experience

This year of RubyConf India was held at God’s own country, Kerala on 19-20 March 2016. It was indeed the special event as both Ruby and JRuby designers were prese...

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Rubyconf India 2016 Slides

A small effort to aggregate all possible slides at one place in chronological order.

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Gophercon India 2016 "Volunteer" Experience

The 2nd edition of Gophercon India was held in the Taj Vivanta, Bangalore on 19-20th of Feb, 2016. This time we had a record ~350 people who attended the event on...

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Run AngularJS, Bootstrap and Angular UI bootstrap documentation locally

It is always better to run the documentation of library locally as you won’t be dependent on Internet for any documentation help. Also, navigation is fast due to ...

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Use of bootbox.js for creating multiple prompts sequentially

bootbox.js is a tiny and handy JavaScript library which allows one to create dialog boxes using Twitter’s Bootstrap modals programmaticallly.

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Shrinking issue in jQuery Splitter on screen resize

After using jQuery Splitter, everything was working as according to my requirement.

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